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Victoria and Kelowna Warehouses

We are excited to announce BlueLeaf Logistics has opened a warehouse based in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island. As our fleet grows and ferry travel increases we were eager to offer our customers a solution to reduce the cost of ferry travel. With customers based in all regions of Vancouver island as well as the Southern Gulf Islands this is a welcomed addition. Keep an eye out for BlueLeaf Logistics as we will be coming to Kelowna in early 2023!


Victoria and Kelowna Warehouses

Our Services

Opening Hours

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- Container Destuffing

- Warehouse and Distribution

- Local Cartage and Courier

-Pick and Pack

- E-Commerce Fulfillment

- Foreign Expansion

Open Mon - Fri: 8am -430pm

Dock Delivery Mon - Fri: 9am -4pm

Available - 24/7

100-819 Cliveden Place Delta,

BC Canada

V3M 6C7


Tel: 604-227-4332

TF: 1-877 333 6814

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