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Our Story

In the beginning……….


It was not without great thought, planning, and courage that Blueleaf Logistics

Corporation was born. It started with a casual conversation, mostly out of

frustrations with past experiences in the industry. It was

crystal clear that there were very few 3pl’s that offered great, cost effective

services that were tailored to the exact needs of the customer. We found very

few organizations offered strong “partnership based” relationships that took the

time required to fully understand the various components of their customers



Also missing was simply an open and honest 2-way relationship that

continuously committed to finding the best, most cost-effective solution for their

customers. No hidden costs or surprises, transparency, strong, non-combative

dialogue, and a true devotion to the success of all customers, small or large.

Once incorporated Blueleaf opened its first building in Delta. Nothing too

elaborate, and with the commercial real-estate market in Greater Vancouver

hovering south of 2% and demand very strong, for a new unestablished 3pl we

had to jump through hoops just to even get the opportunity for a lease.


Today, Blueleaf operates 3 properties in the greater Vancouver area but to get

there we encountered many challenges that took amazing resilience and

dedicated partners to get to where we are today.


Our customers are our backbone and share the same enthusiasm we do with our

success in a short period of time. They have supported our journey and now share

in our prosperity. Steady cautious growth breeds volume, strong volumes equate

to discounts and synergies between customers. These discounts and synergies are

passed down to our customers resulting in significant savings on services such as

LTL, FL, courier, and local cartage services. 


We are proud of what we have accomplished but our story is just beginning.

The entire Blueleaf Team is a highly motivated group with lofty expectations,

mediocrity is not in our vocabulary.

Rick Stallwood

President & Co-Founder

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