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BlueLeaf Logistics has been quietly growing our fleet of trucks. Carefully and with purpose we now offer same day courier service in our vans, 5 Tons and reefer. All are fitted to handle any service that you may require, from white glove service to tropical plants, frozen foods, heater service, produce and dry goods. We can develop a strategy for the more complex services, manage regular scheduled service or offer a quick quote on a simple pickup and delivery

About Us

Blueleaf logistics providing warehousing services, fulfillment and transportation in Vancouver

Who we are

We are passionate about supply chain, warehousing and fulfillment.  We pride ourselves on delivering top end service levels and cost savings to all of our clients in Vancouver BC.  We love our jobs and love our clients. 

Our executive team is experienced and performance driven.   We know that you need to focus on sales, product development and marketing. Logistics and supply chain can be a drain on your resources that could be better utilized elsewhere.  That's why our customers come to us.  We do the heavy lifting (both literal and figurative) developing and executing your distribution model.  We continuously improve and find new ways to trim the fat from your cost.    

Our Cultural values have been a guiding force in our explosive growth over the past 2 years.  Transparency, fairness and integrity make it easy for new customers to ensure they are getting the best value for their money. 

We are so confident that we are the right 3PL in Vancouver for your company, that even if you do not select us as your fulfillment provider we will help you find another one.  We will help analyze the warehousing quotes you receive at no charge and give you our feedback so that you can have confidence in your decision. 

Looking for Information on Warehousing and Transportation in Vancouver? Give Us a Call Now!

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Our Services

Opening Hours

Contact Us

- Container Destuffing

- Warehouse and Distribution

- Local Cartage and Courier

-Pick and Pack

- E-Commerce Fulfillment

- Foreign Expansion

Open Mon - Fri: 8am -430pm

Dock Delivery Mon - Fri: 9am -4pm

Available - 24/7

100-819 Cliveden Place Delta,

BC Canada

V3M 6C7


Tel: 604-227-4332

TF: 1-877 333 6814

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