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Blueleaf Logistics: With over 25 years experience in transportation and warehousing, our goal is to help you find a solution based on your unique needs as a top leading provider. 

Everything we do–from trucking through to e-commerce fulfillment to warehouse and distribution–is


A truly consumer-centric engine. BlueLeaf Logistics is dedicated to delivering your freight safely and on time. We offer same day courier service for any service that you may require, from white glove service to tropical plants, frozen foods, heater service, produce and dry goods. We can develop a strategy for the more complex services, manage regular scheduled service or offer a quick quote on a simple pickup and delivery.

E-commerce Fullfillment

Business outcomes. We’re relentlessly focused on one thing:

driving business results for brands. Full-scale fulfillment solutions for any industry. Ship your products directly to consumers, retail outlets, or distribution centres with ease. Accurate, on-time deliveries and near perfect fulfill rates (99.5% to be exact) mean your products get to where they need to be, exactly when they need to be there.

Food & Beverage
Warehousing + Distribution

Confidently expand your inventory and contracts so you can strategically grow your business in new markets. Our 30,000 square feet warehouses are all organic, pest control and food safe certified featuring 6 loading docks with advanced grade doors. Our warehouses are all located within 40 minutes of all major ports.

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Victoria Warehouse

We are excited to announce BlueLeaf Logistics has opened a warehouse based in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island. As our fleet grows and ferry travel increases we were eager to offer our customers a solution to reduce the cost of ferry travel. With customers based in all regions of Vancouver island as well as the Southern Gulf Islands this is a welcomed addition. 

Let’s Find a Solution Together.

Your One Stop Solution for All of Your 3PL Needs

Blueleaf is committed to providing you with a world class supply chain.  Even if you do not select Blueleaf as your provider, we will help you select another 3PL and help you analyze their quote.

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Have a project in mind?

Give us a call! Based on your specific requirements of work, we’ll give you an estimate of time and cost, breaking it down to the stages of warehousing, transportation and fulfillment.

Getting into it.

After we learn more about your business and your needs, we’ll walk you through the process of working with us. Providing you a step by step of what to expect.

Sit back and enjoy.

You can relax while we work through the process of fulfillment, transportation and warehousing. Check out what our clients has to say about past projects!

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Why BlueLeaf?

  • Dependable
  • Accurate
  • Experienced

At Blueleaf we pride ourselves on our ability to service our clients and their customers at the highest level.  Our experienced staff will help you through any supply chain challenges that you may have.  From large multinational corporations to  start up companies, we will tailor a program and pricing that will fit your business. 

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